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Custom Ammunition

Bullet Choices

We develop loads for your rifle according to the caliber your shoot and the game you intend to hunt. While we can use any bullet on the market, normally we offer:

Barnes® X, Solid and Originals
Combined Technology® Fail Safe
Swift® A-Frame and Scirocco
Trophy Bonded® Bearclaw & Sledgehammer
Speer® Grand Slam
Woodleigh® Softs and Solids
Nosler® Partition, Partition Gold & Ballistic Tip
Sierra® Match King and Game King

Different manufacturer’s bullets will shoot differently, even if they are the same weight. We can make recommendations and also provide you with different bullet combinations to try. Our ammo has been used literally all over the world on virtually every type of game, so chances are we can make some suggestions based on actual experience.

We can moly-coat just about any bullet made, too.