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Load Development

Load Development Services

There are three ways that we can develop loads for you:

1) Tell us about your rifle and what you intend to hunt and we can send you different loads to try using your preferred bullet. Take them to the range, see what works best, and let us know. Then we can supply you with as many rounds as you would like on an as-needed basis, each round utterly precise and uniform. Cost is by quote for load development, then at a standard price per box after that.

2) Send us your rifle and we’ll do all the work, developing a load for you in the bullet weight and brand of your choice. We have sophisticated computer based ballistic software information, which will be supplied to you. Cost is $400 for rifles 30 caliber and smaller and $450 for 8mm and larger, plus $100 for each additional load for the same rifle, plus ammunition used in the development.

3) Try our convenient Sample Paks—a great way to test different bullet/load combinations in your rifle that can save you a lot of time and money.

How much does Superior Ammunition cost?

Because all of our ammunition is custom loaded, the price depends upon the caliber, the bullet you choose, etc. We would be happy to send you a current price list or give you a quote over the phone or by e-mail.

Is our ammunition more expensive than off-the-shelf ammo? Yes, if you look only at the price. But factor in the time you would spend developing hand loads yourself, the consistency and precision of each round, and the fact that they are custom-tailored for your gun, and you’ll find that Superior Ammunition is quite a bargain.

And of course, when you have that trophy-lined up in your sights, what is it worth to know that your ammo is as dependable as it can possibly be?

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